New: Home Office Workspace 

(1/4) New Home-Office Workspace: How to Begin
The process starts with pictures of your space, and a vision.
After an exchange of photos, concepts and rough designs via email, it's time to book an appointment in our Design Studio (or virtual appointment)where it all starts to come together.
For this project, one of our Reclaimed Materials Specialists is helping our clients design and layout the perfect accent wall. be continued...

(2/4) New Home-Office Workspace: Reworx install
For this project, Reworx installed the wall and sliding door in preparation for the client's DIY reclaimed wood accent wall, using Reworx wall cladding.


Look what happened next ...

(3/4) New Home-Office Workspace: Ready for the DIY part of this project.

Here is our client share DIY in progress .... Interior side of the office wall and a JOB WELL DONE by one of our terrific young clients!

4/4) New Home-Office Workspace: a Happy Ending!

DIY wall cladding install on the Exterior side of their accent wall makes this project complete

IT IS TIME to carve out that dedicated workspace and keep balance in your home.

Contact Reworx and Create a

Home Workspace that WORX

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