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Looking back on our recent installation at the Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance company in Hartford CT, I am feeling thankful and also very privileged to have taken part in something exceptional. After all timing is everything and opportunities sometimes come when you can do nothing about them.

This opportunity was put in front of us through a chance encounter and we were only able to seize the opportunity because we had the goods. (not too long before this we did not have the goods, there is the timing part.)

By goods I am referring to 1,000 plus pounds of early century Boiler manifolds, valves and associated parts I had rescued and salvaged from a decommissioned boiler from the very building Reworx calls home.

I had no idea what the components might become but they were too gorgeous and meaningful to let them end up in a scrap heap at the local scrap yard only to be melted down and lost forever.

I purchased them from the scrappers and spent the rest of the afternoon wrestling them into a storage area where they would lay in the dark for quite some time... Until a certain CEO who had come along with his wife to discuss custom reclaimed furniture projects for their home shared with me what was going on with his company’s new Innovation Center.

A partnership was formed through a work agreement and in the end it was the joint effort between two companies that allowed for and made possible the rescue and repurposing of forgotten American industrial artifacts and the placement of the new forms exactly where they belonged.

Steve Garceau

Founder - Artisan

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