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Go Team!

Recently I looked back through Reworx job folders and pictures from the past 7

years of turning old wood and cast off items into furnishings and other cool things.

There were many folders with multiple jobs from people that had come back several

times for new projects.

It occurred to me that we have been blessed with a loyal community of sustainability

minded peeps that fuel our efforts.

It also occurred to me that together we have saved a large amount of material and

items that other wise would have gone to waste.

It really is a collaborative effort and we all deserve the credit. The truth of the matter

is If it were not for a large and growing group of sustainably minded people who

reach out to us every day none of this saving, rescuing, repurposing and reinventing

would be happening.

So kudos to all of you who understand and appreciate what we are doing.

Go Team!


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