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The Nature of the Beast

Working in the world of reclaimed wood is no easy feat. The Reworx Process takes materials never intended for second hand use, and gives them new purpose. Our team rescues barns, mills, sheds, and forges throughout the North East fueling the reclamation movement one barn at a time. Let us walk you through what this process looks like behind the scenes!

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Sourcing - Discovery

There's a sad truth in the world of reclamation. Hundreds of barns in the North East lay wasting and rotting with no hope in site of another life. Our team works effortlessly to find these barns before it's too late. Material that faces the weather improperly often doesn't last long. With just over 30 rescues under our belt, we're constantly looking for the next barn to save.


De-Nailing - Processing

After an extremely tedious and strenuous process of dismantling a barn board by board, each piece of wood is inspected for debris such as nails, screws, wire, brackets, hinges and much more. Before we are able to run this material through are machines, they have to be completely free of any metal. Often times, this is the most labor intensive part of the job and can take up to several weeks just to "De-Nail" one barn. 



Stacking - Stickering - Drying

The next step in this process is the most important! Moisture is a woodworkers worst enemy. This material has stood in the elements for decades and has to face months or even years of drying before it can be handled. To put it into perspective, some materials can take up to 1 year of drying per 1 inch. If the material is not stacked, stickered and stored properly in a dry environment we may loose the opportunity to work with it. Twisting, buckling and bowing material is all due to improper storage. 


Milling - Surfacing

Once the material reaches an acceptable moisture content, the milling process begins. Our craftsman can guide this material in many different directions depending on the project at hand. It's a very intimate process when creating a custom, one of a kind piece. No project is the same.

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Design - Collaboration 

At Reworx, our design studio assists you with the tools to bring your vision to life. After a hands on collaboration with our team, we can take these ideas to the drawing board to come up with a unique design exclusively made for you. 



This is where the magic happens. Our small team of expert craftsman work effortlessly to mold this material into a Reworx product.

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From our shop to your home or business, our team sees these projects through to the end offering delivery and installation to ensure the perfect final product. 



At Reworx, we have the privilege of working in the world of reclaimed wood. Time to start from the beginning. How exciting!

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