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Know, Before you Go.

Starting a new project can be overwhelming. This is why we want to help you come prepared!  This page will help you collect the necessary information needed to have a seamless and productive visit to our studio!

Find Your Project Below

Under each category is a brief list of what you should be thinking about before your visit.

Tables + Tops
(Desks, Islands, Coffee tables, Dining tables, etc.) 

  • Preferred seating count E.g. (4-6, 6-8, 12+)

  • Pictures of the space

  • Room dimensions (for clearances)

  • Floor conditions (Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, etc.)

Mantels and Shelving

  • Pictures of the space

  • Preferred mounting height

  • Wall framing details (optional)

  • Mantel / Shelf uses (pictures/decoration, plates + utensils, etc.)

  • Preferred Mantel and Shelf size (Use cardboard as a mock up to see what size fits best in your space). 

Wall Cladding, Ceilings and Flooring

  • Total required sq/ft

  • Overall dimensions

  • Colors / Inspiration photos


  • Door frame dimensions

  • Style/Design (inspiration photos)

  • Pictures of the space and door opening

  • Ceiling height

  • Size of wall space on either side of the door frame

Special Projects / Other

  • Dimensions

  • Inspiration photos

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