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Custom Fabrication

Working in the world of reclaimed wood is no easy feat. The Reworx Process takes materials never intended for second hand use and forges them into something new.

Making it happen.

A key component to The Reworx Process is making our recycled lumber fit for use. Unconventional milling is all too prevalent in these 100 year old structures. In addition, none of the materials used to build them were milled with furniture making in mind. Before the recycled material can be used for fabrication, it must be re-milled and re-qualified using a number of different methods. Naturally, we can only influence the material to a certain extent so in a way, the material guides us to what it wants to become. From several years of learning the nuances of recycled lumber, we are adept at pairing our clients visons with the appropriate material ultimately forging a product like no other.

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