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Product Care

Get the most out of your newest project! Here you can learn how to properly care for all Reworx products to ensure durability and longevity. 


1. Tables and Tops

2. Cutting Boards

3. Mantels and Shelving

4. General / Other

Tables and Tops

Solid wood tops expand and contract across the grain from season to season. This is especially true in the Northeast. During the dry winter months they will contract. During the humid summer months they will expand. These steps that can be taken to lessen the amount of contraction and expansion with solid tops.

1. Moisten winter air with a humidifier (this also makes for a healthier living environment).
2. Dry humid summer air with a dehumidifier
Other considerations to ensure long lasting enjoyment of your solid wood top
1. Don’t place furniture over a heating register or in the direct path of any source of excessive heat or moisture.
2. Use an insulating barrier when mounting a top near ovens, stoves, dishwashers etc. These appliances can introduce excessive heat and moisture to the solid wood top.
3. Provide clearance between the solid wood top and any solid object that will be installed inside of the wood top. Such as in the case of an inset sink or vanity etc.
For the first three (3) weeks after delivery of your furniture we ask that you “TREAD LIGHTLY”. The fact is, natural hand applied finishes can take up to (3) weeks to fully cure. We refer to this
early stage as the “break in period” and during this time we recommend not to leave objects on the table surface for extended periods of time. When you are finished using the surface remove all items and wipe down with a slightly water-dampened cloth then dry immediately. After the “break in period” we recommend the following as ongoing care instructions for your
hand-made reclaimed-wood furniture.
1. For quick clean-ups use a soft, slightly-water dampened cloth, then dry immediately.
2. For heavier-duty clean-ups use a soft, slightly-water dampened cloth with a small amount of dishwashing soap. Then rinse with a slightly-water dampened cloth, then dry immediately.
3. Avoid using products containing ammonia or products with a high pH as these will soften and degrade the finish over time.
4. Avoid using window cleaning products and kitchen counter sprays.
5. Avoid using furniture polish containing silicone.
Reworx will not be held liable for damage to finishes of reworx hand-made reclaimed-wood tops that have been improperly cared for.

1. Provide a physical barrier. Trivets, coasters, tablecloths and placemats are effective in keeping water from damaging wood surfaces.
2. Keep watch. Watermarks happen after a period of time. Sop up standing water and keep table top surfaces clean and dry. Do not leave spills. Clean up as soon as a spill is detected.
3. Do not place hot pots, pans, skillets or cups of hot water directly on table tops.
4. Do not cut or chop on your table top. Use a cutting board.
5. Maintain a wax layer on your table top to act as a “renewable”
barrier between your table top and its everyday environment.


Cutting Boards

Instructions coming soon.


Mantels and Shelving

Instructions coming soon.


General / Other

Instructions coming soon.


Give us a call. Our team members will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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